Rogier Timmermans

documentary cinematographer


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Feature length documentary about our ever growing hunger for energy and the toll it takes.


This year I embark on this exciting new project together with director Xavier van Delft. Work in progress. 

shot on: Arri Alexa Mini

directed by: Xavier van Delft

broadcaster: EO Television

Escaping society for a life in the Norwegian mountains, Nils shares his dream-life with the online world.


I had already worked with director Joost van der Wiel on his first short documentary The Shepherd. This was our first feature-length project. Circumstances up in the Norwegian mountains weren't always great, but his companionship and the close bond we developed with Nils overtime made working there a breeze. We had many good laughs!


shot on: Canon C300 

directed by: Joost van der Wiel

broadcaster: KRO-NCRV Television

awards: Best Short Doc-All True Int. Doc FF, Special Mention-Gdańsk Doc FF

Observing documentary about a group of boys on the brink of manhood. Shot on the Dutch island of Texel.


One of many wonderful projects I worked on with director Judith de Leeuw. I shot this documentary completely handheld to get as close as possible to our subjects and to give the viewer the feeling that the camera is just an entity, floating around and observing these young men. Still one of my favourite films I worked on as a cinematographer


shot on: Sony PMW-F5

directed by: Judith de Leeuw

broadcaster: VPRO Television

Exploring the relationschip between author Karin Amatmoekrim and her father, Taekwondo-grandmaster Eric Lie.

I was filming a documentary about Dutch actress Halina Reijn with director Gülsah Dogan when she told me about this project. I was immediately intrigued. There were so many questions unanswered for Karin about her father, whom she had hardly known throughout

her youth.

shot on: Canon C300

directed by: Gülsah Dogan

broadcaster: NTR Television

awards: nominated for best mid-length documentary at the Dutch Film Festival 

92 year old, this general practitioner is still working six days a week.


Sometimes, in my work, I meet people you would only dream existed. Doctor van Hasselt sure is one of them.


shot on: Canon C300

directed by: Joost van der Wiel

broadcaster: KRO-NCRV Television

Portrait of Dutch artists and twin sisters L.A.Raeven.

One of the directors who have been very important to me is Astrid Bussink, together with whom I also made a feature length documentary about the fireworks disaster that happened in Enschede in the year 2000, as well as a beautiful children's documentary that won a Golden Calf at the Dutch Film Festival, called Achter De Toren. 


shot on: Sony PMW-F5

directed by: Astrid Bussink

broadcaster: NTR Television